Artist: Like Noise but Louder

Album: s p a c e

Release Date: March 2nd

S P A C E3.png


Both personal and extraterrestrial.

It’s an abstract concept that this album hopes to give some substance to.

Once again painting with a pallet of unique sounds and metaphores, Like Noise but Louders’ second release ‘S P A C E’ deals with themes such as loss, change, and discovering truths that aren’t the most comforting.

Balanced between the realms of introspection and the infinite universe, it invites listeners to think about what might happen if they were forced to live outside the boundaries that they are so used to.

Travis Hall, the sole captain and creative force behind the project, says “I had to deal with losing my father and a long-term relationship at the same time, as well as other losses I had neglected to deal with from the past. I knew things weren’t going to get better until I mentally unpacked my brain and that’s a lot of what this record is. It’s very personal but hopefully presented in a way that’s inclusive and that other people can relate to.”


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Location: Omaha NE

Like Noise but Louder has been making music and playing shows since the summer of 2015. Songs can range from dreamy synths and layers of thoughts to heavy driven beats accented with aggressive vocals. Live shows are where you truly see the songs come to life in an energetic and entertaining performance.

Like Noise but Louder has played at venues throughout the Midwest and has opened for nationally touring acts such as Wednesday 13, Eyes Set to Kill, One-Eyed Doll, Super Bob, and The Garden.

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